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Life Coaching

Changing lanes or a career? Life shifts, shift with the flow, discover your life purpose, change your habits, NLP Coaching, mindfulness training, guided imagery, changing mindsets, creative visualizations

Influence Coach

Coach your brain for executive performance, work smarter, improve focus, achieve goals, think strategically, improve your creative mind, increase your influence, change habits, manage stress and stay motivated.

Learning Minds

Don't let your learning style keep you behind. Take a learning style profile and learn the way your brain wants to learn.

What is WholeMind?

wholemind is a dynamic mind coaching system which helps you harness the power of the unique strengths and aspects of your own whole mind and thinking.

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Some of the people we’ve helped

I have trained Miles in Neuro-linguistic programming and to say that he was the star of the class is understating his sparkly and enthusiastic response during the course. I find him a dedicated and eager to learn person and always ready to help where he can. He cares for his fellow human beings and will no stone unturned and go the extra mile(s)! He is the person I want to have beside me if there is a war! He eagerness to learn and experience new things together with a sense of perfectionism make it a unique combination in a very special fellow coach, hypnotherapist and also friend!

I have been involved with Miles Harrop’s training as a non medical Certified Hypnotherapist and Parts Therapist for the last three years and have personally trained him during many of the courses. His bright and inquisitive mind and other formerly trained skills such as NLP add a distinctively analytical approach to his facilitation, which will appeal to many. Miles comes across to be firmly committed and dedicated to his work. He also attended courses even after he had qualified, to keep up and broaden his skills through continuous professional education. The South African Institute of Hypnotism is proud to have Miles as a member in good standing.

I’d like to extend a very big THANK YOU for the invaluable training you did with our sales team here. Your knowledge you shared with us regarding building rapport with and assessing the needs of a new prospect, to determining their core values, presentation, touring methods and closing tips have all proven very practical and successful in practice. The sales team are all displaying a renewed enthusiasm in their work and there is a feel of excitement in the air again. We look forward to seeing you again hopefully very soon!

Miles is one of the most creative facilitators that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I am always amazed at how he thinks on his feet when confronted with a question from the audience – turning it into a game and exploring the right brain beautifully! Both Paul and I love working with him and the University of Life is proud to have him as one of our associates.

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